A leap year


Source:  www.mumbaimirror.com

Six road and rail projects, set for completion in the next two years, will mark a big stride towards a quicker and easier commute.

Twenty-one minutes to reach Andheri from Ghatkopar in peak rush hour without breaking into a sweat.

♦ A little under half-an-hour to cover the distance between CST and Amar Mahal in Chembur on a signal-less road.

♦ Fifteen to seventeen minutes to hit Eastern Express highway from Kalina and a proper road connection to the Lokmanya Tilak Terminus.

♦ Not having to factor in an extra hour’s drive to negotiate messy Sahar Road on your way to the airport.

♦ Never getting stuck at Milan Subway, rains or no rains. In fact, just flying over that rotten nullah-pretending-to-be-a-subway.

♦ And yes, getting to know the eastern seaboard of the city we all call home but, frankly, don’t know too well.

If all goes by the script, 2013-2014 could witness a transformation in the way Mumbai, at least a large part of it, commutes. And the ‘if’ here isn’t such a big ‘if’. For, the six projects that will be part of this transformation will fill some crucial gaps in Mumbai’s stretched-to-the-limit infrastructure. More info