Andheri-Ghatkopar Link Rd to miss new Metro deadline


By Yogesh Naik, Mumbai Mirror

The Andheri-Ghatkopar Link Road is far from any hope of completion by its latest deadline – the time of the opening of the Metro in May – as there are two religious structures, a temple and a mosque, blocking its progress on the Ghatkopar side.

The AGLR, a Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority project, has missed several deadlines from the time work was started on it in 2007, when T Chandrasekhar was the municipal commissioner in the city.

Under him, the plan was extended in scope, and an eight-lane road up to Asalpha was made. However the entire project was as good as mothballed after his transfer. His successor, Ratnakar Gaikwad, handed over the uncompleted stretch, from LBS road in Ghatkopar to Eastern Express highway, to the BMC for widening into an eight-lane one, an exercise that did not happen at all.

The link between these two stretches, from Asalpha village to LBS Marg has the two religious structures standing in the way. When completed, the AGLR is meant to connect the Western Express highway from Andheri, to the Eastern Express highway in Ghatkopar. More info