Arunendra Kumar examines options to close the footboard-platform gap



The chairman of the Railway Board, Arunendra Kumar, inspected local trains in Mumbai on Sunday, seeking a technical solution to the problem of the dangerous gap between the footboard and the platform.

Kumar, who is an officer of the Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers, visited the Mumbai Central car shed where he checked the technical aspects of some old as well as new Siemens rakes.

Officials accompanying the railway board chief said Kumar is looking at the possibility of making changes in the design of the coaches to reduce the gap that has resulted in accidents.

Kumar, who has expertise in construction of these trains, was also divisional railway manager in Mumbai in the early 2000s and so has experience of the city’s suburban system.

The Siemens and Bombardier rakes are higher mainly because of the air suspension system, which is a new feature in these suburban train coaches. More info