Central Railway seeks permission to shut down highway to build tunnel


By  Rajendra Aklekar www.dnaindia.com

After more than 160 years, another rail tunnel will be built in Mumbai.

Mumbai railway station waiting room
Mumbai railway station waiting room

And for this, the Central Railway plans to close down National Highway-4 (Mumbai-Chennai) so that they can lay new rail fifth and sixth railway lines under a hillock at Parsik Hill in Thane.

“For a change, we are seeking a block from the road authorities for this work. It will be conducted by the Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation,”said Subodh Kumar Jain, Central Railway general manager.

The first tunnel to lay rail lines was bore in Parsik Hill in 1854. The two new railway lines will be built along the slow lines, converting the existing two-line corridor into a four-line one.

“The 165-metre-long new tunnel will be built at an approximate cost of Rs5.5 crore. The tunnel will be bore through Nutan Hill, a hillock on Parsik Hill. The hillock has been named after the actress Nutan, who owned a bungalow there,” a senior MRVC official said.

The additional railway lines will not just segregate outstation and local trains, but also increase the capacity of suburban trains.
The additional fifth and sixth railway lines have been laid between Kurla and Thane and Diva and Kalyan. The gap between Diva and Thane has to be fixed so that the train capacity can be increased.

The work is a part of phase II of the Mumbai Urban Transport Project .

The total cost of the project to lay two new rail lines between Thane-Diva is around Rs 133 crore and the work has to be completed by 2015.

The slow line will not just have tunnels, but also a new viaduct across the old Thane creek bridge. More info