Delhi Metro Rail Corporation to install rainwater harvesting structures


Source:  The Times of India

JAIPUR: In bid to decrease its carbon footprint and to conserve groundwater in the city, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) plans to have a rainwater harvesting system on the 9.8-km route (Mansarovar to Chandpole) using a special technique.

According to DMRC officials, a unique concept will be used to replenish the groundwater table in areas on the metro route. DMRC spokesman Anil Singhal said, “Each pillar has inbuilt downpipes to collect the rainwater from the viaduct and into the underground tanks on the median.”

The officials claimed that the Jaipur metro project will provide an area of one lakh square meters of recharge collection which is huge in itself. “The average pattern of rainfall is 32 mm per hour in the city. Recharging ground water in such a huge area will be a great benefit,” an official said.

The corporation will be constructing the underground water tank after every 60m for better recharge of groundwater. “After every 60 meters, a recharge tank will be constructed. The water collected will then percolate down to the subsoil through numerous layers of sand, gravel and boulders,” the official said.

In Jaipur, recharge for groundwater is limited because of decreasing permeable soil surface resulting from construction of roads and buildings. Due to poor recharge and heavy extraction of groundwater, the water table has gone down. We hope that initiatives like this will help in some small way,” the DMRC official said.

The DMRC will also recycle water which is supposed to be wasted in maintenance work of coaches at the Mansarovar depot. A waste water treatment plant, having dimensions of 12mx6m has been proposed at the depot to treat oil and acids used in maintenance of the coaches. More info