DELHI METRO: This man was caught peeing inside the Delhi Metro



New Delhi: This man is one of a kind. He gave us the shock that one could never think of. People talk, cuddle and fight in the metro but this man was caught relieving himself inside the Delhi Metro train. He actually was seen peeing inside the metro!

Someone saw him doing this filthy act and obviously objected.

In front of the whole metro he couldn’t care about anything but to relieve himself by peeing inside. While he could not control himself, he was not at all ashamed of the act and that the co- passengers were looking at him. His disgusting act was recorded and the concerned authorities were informed about it still no action was taken against him.

According to a report in DailyBhaskar, when asked why he did it, he shamelessly answered that it was the last train and that he could not afford to miss it. More info