Dubai Metro, one of the safest in the world


By Shafaat Ahmed

The number of 12,811 fines issued by the Metro’s security staff since its inception may seem big to many, reflecting a high number of violations.

Dubai metroBut according to a senior official from RTA, it is very low compared to the other big cities in the world, where violations and crime levels are quite high. This, definitely makes Dubai Metro one of the safest in the world.

“Very few crime or antisocial cases have been reported on the trains or stations so far, and the dedicated Dubai Metro Police have not come across anything major so far. They are trained and ready to handle anything if they come across,” said Adnan Al Hammadi, CEO of RTA’s Rail Agency.

A few cases of theft and a few brawls had been reported. Apart from that there hadn’t been any untoward incidents, he added.

Though, the crime rate is absolutely low, 1.5 cases per million passengers, when compared to some of the other big cities in the world where the rates range between six to 15 cases per million passengers, there are near daily instance of violations that reflect in the number of fines issued.

As the violations range, so do the fines, ranging from Dh100 for offences like putting up the feet on the seat, eating or drinking; to Dh2,000 for misusing the emergency button.

So, how does Dubai Metro manage to keep the crime rate down?

Apart from the dedicated police force and close to 3,000 CCTV cameras that monitor every area of the trains and stations, there are also hundreds of specially trained, mostly female, attendants who are hands on to take care of any situation that arises on metro.

Here we talk to a few Metro attendants to get an insight into what happens daily on the trains. Though each narrated different experiences, they were all unanimous in confirming that they have found Dubai Metro much safer than some of the other train systems they have visited.

“Our days are fairly peaceful on Dubai Metro. Apart from making sure everything is in order, there is nothing much to do. I even sometimes get bored of not doing anything,” said Agnus (name changed), who joined Dubai Metro last year.

She added that apart from the occasional arguments or misunderstandings, people in Dubai are generally very disciplined.

Another attendant, Mariam (name changed) said that she had come across a few misbehaving men who don’t listen and had to be dealt with sternly. “These cases are few and far between. There was a particular incident when a man tried to molest a woman. When the woman protested he tried to be violent. Our guards had to drag him out,” she added.

Penalties for such cases could be anything between a fine of Dh2,000 and even a jail-term.

She urged people to keep a few things in mind to avoid trouble, like: Not to push, keep personal space, not to rush and avoid eating on the Metro.


  1. Yes i also feel travelling in Dubai Metro and Metro premises is so secured..I do like the most helpful and cheerful station staffs a lot..

  2. I am Sunil Korattiyil Ponnani, several time I travelled in my metro. Now this time I say with proude, please give full fill support and thanks to our Dubai ruler His Highness Shaikh Mohd. Bin Rashid Al Makthom and his forecasting.
    Thanks and Regards
    My Dubai My Metro

  3. Had a very bad and pathetic experience from Dubai Metro. I boarded in Rashediya on 29th at 9.30 pm, took one-way paid card to Jabel Ali. While reaching Karama, Metro staff asked all passengers to vacate the Metro and asked to line up outside the station, where replacement buses where parked. They said thwy have an emergency. A RTA guy sent some of people in a bus which later I learnt that it headed for Ibn Batuta. After sending that bus, this RTA guy asked who else is going to Ibn Batuta and there were 7 including me – who were up-front in the que. He asked us to stand aside and then asked al others to enter the second bus. Later he had telephone call with his coleagues and then asked 7 of us to enter the same bus ( we should have get seating by right since we were furst in que, but thanks to this RTA GUY we were given a comfort of standing for 1 and half hour in this bus) which he asked us to go uptill Mall of the Emirates and take Metro again to Ibn Batuta. I calrified with Metro staff that if I need to pay again to check in at Mall of the Emirates staion – and these staff said “NO, JUST GO INSIDE AND OUR STAFF WILL HELP YOU”. Inside the bus, the driver was playing his own mischief, I didnt get a right reason why he was going on way which he supposed not to go. Also he tokk the bus back to 3 stations behind – not sure why. He took all lengthy roots and finally at 12AM he dropped us at the Mall of the Emirates station. At this station where buses dropped us, I saw the bus which started from Karama after our bus had already reached before us.And there was A RTA guy and Metro staff who said “we dont know anything, You wait here” when I asked if there is a train to Ibn Batuta,Jabel Ali. And then thye said “you go inside the sation and check, there is train which is already on the flatform, it will leave in one minute”. Its a long way to reach there since you have to climb on steps, pass 2 corridors and then you get lounge. At the counter there was only one guy who said I have to pay again since my card is already used, a perfect contradiction to what Metro staff informed in at Karama station. I explained him all issues but he said “I dont know anything about it. If you want to go pay and recharge your card.I recharged again for 8.50 DHS and travelled from Mall of the Emirates till Ibn Batuta.

    I felt very bad not because of I had to pay but for the irresponsible behaviour of staff of Metro. If you cannot manage problems, leave it on people, they will manage themselves, why you worsen the problem by putting replacement buses and take tour in the busy traffic? Why at the counters staff dont inform that the train do not go till Jabel Ali? Why staff say lies that “you dont need to pay again”? why cant you be responible? Just put replacement buses and drop somewhere and wash hands? Why cant all stations of metro staff are not informed to assist people in such short comings? And now do you really take all this serious?

  4. I suggest that there should be a strict check up or atleast one attendant checking the cards on the gold riders area, because some passenger didn’t know especially those who are riding with a red card, that the slot is reserved for gold card holder. Anybody can sit on the gold area unless there are attendants who will check but what I notice, most of the time attendants are not checking, most of the time they are just standing or talking to each other.

  5. check in and check out system is not good in RTA Bus as many times because of problem of bus card reader many peoples get fined of 200DHMS . so be careful while check in and check out in rta bus.