‘Extend high-speed corridor up to Bangalore’



MUMBAI: Railway officials want the proposed Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Pune high-speed corridor extended up to Bangalore, which has witnessed a glut in rail as well as air traffic in the past few years.

BANDRA Railway Station in Mumbai
BANDRA Railway Station in Mumbai

The pre-feasibility study for the Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Pune corridor has already been completed by Systra, a French consultancy firm. The 643km-long route, if built, will cost an estimated Rs 100 crore per km.

A senior railway official said, “The point at which this route will touch Mumbai is yet to be finalized. It can terminate closer to an important junction in South Mumbai, Bandra or any other feasible spot. This will be decided when the feasibility report is prepared.”

The official said, “It would make sense to extend the route up to Bangalore, instead of terminating it at Pune. There are only three trains from Mumbai to Bangalore-Udayan Express, Chalukya Express and Coimbatore Express, which take almost 24 hours. High-speed trains will considerably reduce the travel time as they would travel at a maximum speed of 200 kmph.” More info