Fares high, but no first-aid in Mumbai's AC bus for commuters


By , TNN

MUMBAI: With the hike in bus fares, this came as a shock to passengers of an AC bus when they learnt that the bus had a first aid box which was “empty”.

Said social activist Rajesh Gade, who was travelling in AC bus number AS-388 from Poisar depot in Borivli, “I was travelling in the bus on Wednesday morning when I noticed one of my co-passengers in great pain. She was bleeding from the neck and we need urgent first-aid.” When he asked the conductor, the latter got the first aid box kept in the bus.

“But this was almost empty, with no ointment or cotton wool or band-aid. This was surprising as the BEST is now charging us exorbitant fares for AC travel(the minimum fare was hiked recently twice from Rs 20 to Rs 30). Also, they should be more concerned about passenger safety,” he said.

Another passenger said that in case of mishaps, there was a need to attend to patients with first aid box till the medical teams arrived. More info