Matunga school installs cams in buses to keep track of perverts


By Arita Sarkar, Mumbai Mirror

Two MBA post-grads come up with technology that allows parents, teachers to receive live video footage of what’s going on aboard vehicles; GPS devices will keep close tabs on children’s movements.

July 2014: A school bus cleaner sacked by a Kandivali school after he was accused of abusing a three-year-old student.

February 2014: A 25-year-old school bus driver arrested on the charges of molesting a nursery student.

February 2013: A three-year-old from a playgroup in Malad molested by a school bus attendant. A woman attendant was present in the bus when the incident took place.

A scanner is placed at the entrance of the bus (top), and the vehicle is fitted with CCTV cams and GPS tracker (inset)

There have been several such incidents that have compelled scores of parents across the city to not allow their children anywhere near a school bus, even as school managements grappled with the problem. Now, an effective solution may have been found, thanks to two MBA post-graduates who have created a system whereby parents can actually monitor their kids on school buses.

What started as a college project for Sachin Nair and Huzafa Kathawala, two students from MET Institute of Management, has resulted in Matunga based Shishuvan School among the first to adopt the system which provides live video footage of the school bus as well as GPS tracking of the vehicle’s movements. More info