Metro teams in China, Korea for training


By Ashley D’Mello

MUMBAI: As part of the Metro rail training programme, a batch of manager-level executives from the city have been sent to Nanjing in China and Seoul in South Korea to gain some hands-on experience in managing a metro system.

Director of Mumbai Metro One (MM1), K P Maheshwari said the executives will pick up some troubleshooting skills. “The teams are already there and the feedback we are receiving is good,” he said.

Maheshwari said that at Nanjing, eight manager-level executives will undergo training at the workshop of the coach supply company. “The ones who undergo the training will then act as train pilots for the drivers and other staff of the Mumbai Metro,” he said.

“They will attend theory classes and then actually drive a train on test tracks. They will also get experience in looking after critical sub-systems of trainslike doors, air conditioning, braking systems and communication with passengers,” said Maheshwari. More info