Metro turns Ghatkopar station into waterfall, derails Mumbai's lifeline


By R. Aklekar

This is a story of how Mumbai Metro, the new-age railway, is derailing the suburban railway system, which is the city’s lifeline, by delaying its services.

A glaring example of this was seen at Ghatkopar station where the elevated metro station poured down water on the railway line and turned the local Ghatkopar station into a huge waterfall on Monday morning.

A station official said, “The new metro station stands abutting platform number one of the local Ghatkopar station. Every time it rains heavily, gallons of water is poured onto the station, leading to major problems on the platform and the tracks.” Platform number one caters to slow trains coming from Mumbai CST.

A commuter, Jayesh Mehta, said, “This is a regular feature here for the past few years from the time the construction of the new station began. There is no place to stand on the platform with water moving down with such force.”

Local railway officials said they have posted a few gangmen at the spot so that the water falling down is controlled and diverted down the drain to tide over the problem. Civic officials at the site said the suburban rail line was at a lower level and the construction of the new elevated station had changed the alignment of the storm water drains in the area.

A spokesperson of the Mumbai Metro One Private Limited said they are working on the problem. More info