Mumbai: All BEST bus routes stopped making profits last year


By P Chavan RaneĀ Hindustan Times, Mumbai

A statistical report obtained from the beleaguered Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) undertaking has revealed that all BEST bus routes stopped making profits, last year.

Even routes which were earlier marked as no-profit-no-loss BEST bus routes, and managed to break even, slipped into the category of routes that incur losses, between October, 2013 and October, 2014.

The number of no-profit-no-loss BEST bus routes dwindled in number from 148 in October, 2013 to 39 in October, 2014. Meanwhile, the number of loss-making bus routes rose from 366 in October 2013, to 472 in October, 2014.

The report also indicated the number of average daily passengers has reduced drastically, dipping from 36.91 lakh in October 2013 to 32.94 lakh in the same month the next year.

This could mean the very survival of the BEST bus service, used by more than 32 lakh commuters every day, is at stake. More info