Mumbai cabbies will now be in white uniform


By Staff

The good old khaki uniform for taxiwallahs in Mumbai is soon going to be a thing of the past. According to a report in the Mumbai Mirror, cabbies in the city will soon switch to a white uniform, the Maharashtra Transport Department has ruled.

The British had introduced rules for drivers operating public transport in Mumbai – those plying auto-rickshaws and taxis should be dressed in khaki uniform.

If the driver owned the vehicle he should be wearing white, the rule said. In 2007, the Transport department amended the law making the khaki uniform – half sleeve shirt and khaki trouser – compulsory.

A general body meeting of all the cab drivers was called and they decided on the white-coloured uniform. “It is a sign of dignity. Unlike earlier days most of the cabbies now are an educated lot, including graduates. It will add respect and pride while doing work,” general secretary of Mumbai Taximen’s Union Anthony L Quadros toldMumbai Mirror. More info