Mumbai Metro: Branding on track


Source:  Sanjay Jog

Raju Ganeshan, 27 works for an information technology firm in Mumbai. He is one among millions of young commuters who regularly take the metro to work. But on Monday (8 June), he was in for a surprise.

As he got off the train, a team from Mumbai Metro One, the consortium that manages the metro line, was waiting for him, garland in hand ready to crown him Metro Hero. Similarly, Neeta Gokhale, a young executive with a five-star hotel was felicitated as Metro Heroine.

Mumbai Metro One is sparing no effort (and money although they refuse to put a figure down) to drive home the transformative power of its 11.4 kilometre line that connects what are, arguably, the messiest and most congested parts of the city.

Hoardings at key spots, radio jingles and performances at the metro stations – for the first time an Indian public transport facility is beating its own drum and letting the commuter know how it can impact her life. More info