Mumbai: Public transport likely to be hit on election days


By Shashank Rao

The public transport is likely to take a hit on October 14 and 15 in lieu of the state assembly elections. Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) have booked taxis, BEST buses and other vehicles for thousands of government employees involved in election duty.

The three RTOs of Tardeo, Andheri and Wadala require around 1,500 buses. “Political parties are using our private buses to ferry their party workers,” said a bus operator. The parties have to pay a sum of R6,000 per day to ferry workers in Mumbai and R40,000 or more per bus to take them to different parts of the state, depending on the distance.

As private bus operators have a contract to ferry employees of multi-national companies and other private offices every day, they cannot use these 200-odd buses for election duty. So the State Transport department has asked schools to supply them with their buses. Apart from this, the authorities have asked taxis and auto rickshaw unions to give their vehicles for election duty.

They have also taken air-conditioned and non-AC vehicles from government offices and private vehicle suppliers on a stipulated rate. More info