‘Need for high-speed trains to link Mumbai with other cities’


By Kalpana Verma , Priyal Dave http://indianexpress.com

Railway Board chairman Arunendra Kumar, who inspected suburban railway stations and new platforms with height of 920 mm on Monday, stressed the need of high-speed trains to link Mumbai to other cities.

“We all know the suburban system is saturated. One needs to plan for future. Once all local trains are 12-car rakes, and a few 15-car rakes, on Western and Central Railway, one will have to go for a Metro kind of model, which is very expensive. One of the other answers is high-speed trains,” Kumar said.

Later, he also met met state’s Chief Secretary J S Saharia to discuss rail projects in Mumbai, including the proposed Oval Maidan Virar Elevated Corridor.

“The 15-car rakes cannot be further extended to 18. Also, why should one stay in Mumbai? One can stay, say in Surat, and come to Mumbai in 40 minutes and go back. A season pass for a high-speed train will still cost far less than the house rent one will have to pay to stay in Mumbai. With high-speed trains, one will be able to travel from Navi Mumbai to the south end of Mumbai in six minutes, saving both time and money. High-speed trains are the need of the country. More info