Now, High-speed Trains in Delhi for Better Connectivity



NEW DELHI: The city administration has approved three corridors under Regional Rapid Transit System, aimed at better connectivity with the adjoining cities.

The administration approved the project after the National Capital Regional Planning Board had sent for a recommendation.

The system promises high-speed trains running at an interval of five to six minutes, reducing travel time and ensuring comfort for thousands of commuters who travel between Delhi and the neighbouring states.

Connecting Delhi with Panipat, Alwar and Meerut in the first phase, the city administration has given the green signal and it is excepted to get operational by 2016.

“The three corridors — Delhi-Meerut, Delhi Panipat and Delhi-Alwar – has been finalised  and the alignment for 111 km long Delhi Panipat, 180 km long Delhi-Alwar and 90 km long Delhi-Meerut RRTS has been finalized,” said the Special Commissioner (Transport) Kuldeep Singh Gangar.

The total length of the three corridors is 349 kms, as the Delhi-Alwar corridor terminated at Gurgaon at Delhi Border.

The project will include laying of tracks for high-speed trains, which will then be integrated with the existing Delhi Metro railway to ensure first and last mile connectivity. More info