Pay up for using rail FOB


By Vedika Chaubey

Commuters on the newly opened Metro railways are facing a strange new problem at Ghatkopar station — they now have to pay a fee to cross the foot over bridge (FOB) while exiting the station.

Daily passengers who want to come out from the Ghatkopar Metro station from the main gate have to now buy platform tickets before using the adjacent FOB. “We have seen the flow of passengers and we think that our local train passengers are facing a problem because of the sudden rush of Metro passengers. Therefore we are now insisting that Metro passengers buy tickets to use the railway-owned overbridge,” said a Central Railway official.

According to railway authorities, they had been planning a ticket window and Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM) near the FOB ever since the Metro services rolled out, but they could finally complete the work this week. More info