Qantas Airlines Does a Mumbai Metro, Water Leaks Inside Plane


By IndiaTimes

The fun has been had, the jokes have been cracked, the memes shared and ‘It happens only in India’ frustrations vented. So would you be actually surprised if we told you that a similar incident happened.

On a Qantas Airline giant A380 jet.Traveling from Los Angeles to Melbourne. Well, it did. And yes, it was also joked about.

Hope that helps with you with the ‘we are not alone facing this’ pangs. Now , for the actual “story”. A Qantas A380 superjumbo flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne turned back an hour after take-off when a water leak flooded the plane’s aisles. A Qantas spokeswoman confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that the leak came from a pipe that carried drinking water and water used to wash hands.

Perhaps the passengers in the Mumbai Metro can identify. The rain gods were very pleased with Mumbai yesterday and showered the city with lots and lots of love, a bit too much to take in.

But rain inside a train? 1 AC Unit in one car(yes, it was just one singular car that leaked, not an entire train and surely not all the trains)of the recently launched Metro service malfunctioned during the heavy rain and it resulted in the seemingly photo shopped images of water pouring down from the roof. More info