SBI debit card to double up as metro smart card in Mumbai


By , TNN

MUMBAI: State Bank of India account holders can now use their debit cards to get through the Mumbai Metro turnstiles with bank launching a combo card comprising of the Mumbai Metro smart card and the bank’s debit card.

The card acts as a payment-cum-access card at Mumbai Metro stations and also as a standard shopping-cum-ATM Debit Card. Customers can get immediate access to the entry gate for travel on Mumbai Metro by just tapping the combo card at the AFC gates.

Customers of the bank can avail of the State Bank Mumbai Metro Combo Card for Rs 100.00 out of which also Rs 50/- would be given back pre-loaded in the Metro travel card.

The Combo Card will have an in-built functionality of auto reload, wherein as soon as the AFC system reads that the balance in the card is equal to or less than Rs 50/-, it will reload the Card automatically with Rs 200/-. The amount reloaded will be deducted from the bank account linked with the Debit Card at the back end. More info