Suburban shocker in Kolkata, Mumbai



KOLKATA/MUMBAI: Suburban rail passengers in Kolkata and Mumbai will have to pay nearly double the fare for the monthly season tickets after Friday’s harsh fare hike.

The lowest cost of a season ticket to and from Sealdah and Howrah in Kolkata is now Rs 85 and the highest is Rs 460. With the jump, come June 25, the lowest fare will cross Rs 150 and the highest will be over Rs 900.

In Mumbai, the monthly season pass of Rs 795 for the first class has been revised to Rs 1,930. Likewise, a first class commuter with a monthly pass of Rs 1,740 will now have to shell out Rs 2,120 for the same journey.

“There is bound to be some anger. Take the case of people commuting from stations like Liluah, which is barely 4km from Howrah or Sealdah. These fall in the 1-20 km bracket and passengers will have to pay Rs 85 for their monthly ticket, just as somebody commuting from Rishra, which is nearly 18km away. The railways ministry has proposed to increase the cost of the MST to Rs 150. They will consider this unfair,” a senior railway official said. More info