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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Tag: job in mumbai metro

Delayed Andheri-Ghatkopar metro will be delayed further

“A few structures of the mosque near Andheri station are coming in the way and holding up the steel bridge structure that is being pushed over the Western railway at Andheri station,” a site engineer told DNA. “The MMRDA, which is required to hand over 100% right of way to us is yet to get the required permissions from the mosque authorities for demolishing the said structure. This has led to another delay and for two months, work of the steel bridge is seeing slow progress,” he said.

Metro first line hinges on Andheri bridge

All the 1,668 piles dug up to build 456 pillars along the 12-kilometre metro rail track are ready. Of the 456 pillars above these piles, only 54 are remaining . Pillar structures are considered crucial as once they are ready, placing of U-shaped girders atop them (it is girders that host tracks and trains) can be speeded up.