The Mumbai Metro leak is not a big deal at all


By Ivor Soans

The big news in Mumbai since yesterday is that Mumbai’s newest pride, the brand new Mumbai Metro, is already leaking water, according to social media and media reports.

Quartz India was quite dramatic saying, “….the newest mass transit system in India’s financial capital—built by a consortium led by billionaire Anil Ambani’s Reliance Infrastructure—has spectacularly failed in the face of Mumbai’s legendary monsoon rains.”

For a minute there you might be forgiven for thinking every train had sprung leaks and the entire system had come to a standstill, or if your imagination was a bit more vivid like my 5 year old son’s, you might also include trains flying off the tracks and crashing on to the roads below and fireballs all over.

In the age of social media where everyone is carrying a camera as part of their phones and can instantly upload pictures and videos, it certainly seemed shocking–a sheet of water coming down from the roof. Perhaps the only giveaway that using words like ‘spectacularly failed’ may be making a mountain out of a molehill, lay the fact that none of the Mumbai Metro passengers in the pictures seemed to be bothered. No one seemed to be unduly concerned with most pictures showing passengers staring into space as passengers on mass transit systems usually do. More info and video