Vadodara-Mumbai in 3 hours flat: Japanese arrive for study



While the Mumbai-New Delhi Semi High-Speed Rail Network (SHSRN) may take its own time to complete, it will be the Vadodara division of the Western Railway which would reap the first harvest.

Officials said that though the pilot project would be between Surat and Ratlam, the actual project implementation would start between Mumbai and Vadodara, for which an expert team from Japan is in India for a detailed study. A K Srivastav, Divisional Railway Manager, Western Railway, Vadodara division, said: “We will have the benefit of being the first in the project route, which would eventually connect Delhi and Mumbai. The pilot project would start in 2017 after due deliberations and studies conducted by the experts. And if everything goes as per the plan, the distance between Vadodara and Mumbai would be covered in just three hours.”

A team from Mitsubishi Research Institute, Japan, was in Vadodara on Wednesday to explore the feasibility of converting the existing rail track between Mumbai and New Delhi into SHSRN. The team observed the major installation in the divisional office controlling the movement of train and also the self-controlled device of Traction Distribution and control office. Later, the team visited the Route Relay Interlocking at Vadodara railway station, which controls the movements of all passenger and goods trains coming from Mumbai, Godhra and Ahmedabad.