While Mumbai Metro nears deadline, drivers in the making


By Rajendra Aklekar  www.dnaindia.com

Even as the Ghatkopar-Andheri-Versova metro approaches its deadline, the train operations department of Mumbai Metro has kickstarted a rigorous training programme for its 56 drivers by recreating an actual Metro driving coach inside their training centre at DN Nagar, Versova.

Mumbai Metro
Mumbai Metro

DNA got a first look of how the drivers are being trained on the most advanced software in the world. Once inside, one can get a real Metro travel experience, with passengers alighting and getting in with the opening and closing of the doors. One can see front, aerial and lateral views of the train in motion, all controlled by a simulator or the train management system software.

“Having mapped the Andheri-Ghatkopar route for an intensive training, the simulator software trains drivers for all probable emergencies, including fire in a compartment and ways to handle a train stranded mid-way,’’ said assistant manager (operations) Arjit Mukherjee of Control Centre.

“Drivers are being trained to work with precise concentration as even a second’s lapse would cause problems,’’ he added.

In fact, the simulator is programmed to replicate close to 100 operating conditions and scenarios, including different weather conditions. It can also replicate many an obstacle and emergency situation that the driver may experience, like the appearance of another vehicle or a person on the tracks. More info